Tony Zagoraios
Tony Zagoraios
Tony Zagoraios - Motion Design Director

Tony Zagoraios is an award winning motion designer and an innovative motion graphics director. As a self-taught designer, Tony had the chance to develop a unique, sharp and in a way experimental style that is evident in most of his work. Not afraid to swim in uncharted waters, he manages to discover fresh styles and be one step ahead at all times.

At the same time, his musical training has helped him approach motion design the same way he approaches music, where you need to be creative but also very precise to composite a masterpiece.

In just 6 years’ time, Tony has already won some of the most recognized awards globally, while his projects have been showcased in respected magazines all around the world.

But in an ever demanding field like motion design, Tony follows Charlie Chaplin’s words “That’s what all we are: amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else” and manages to work every day harder than yesterday to bring out the best world of his clients.

Tony Zagoraios is currently working in Athens, but also travels around the world to work with new clients or inspire young professionals and talented students through his presentations in designers’ meetups and events.