Need for speed


This is a reel from the best motion design moments, we created in order to fill the Pc Launch Trailer for the “Need For Speed” game. We wanted to create a nice mix between the in-game graphics and our style of 3D and motion design. We came up with a glitchy paint style, that really boost the contemporary look of the visuals and created a unique atmosphere.


Motion Design Director: Tony Zagoraios
Design Director: Miguel Rato
3D Supervisor: Costas Fatsis
Graphic Design: Chris Golfis (Till Noon)
3D Artist: Thanos Kagkalos, Costas Fatsis
Motion Design: Pantelis Tsiachris, Thanos Kagkalos, Tony Zagoraios
Compositing: Thanos Kagkalos, Pantelis Tsiachris
Sound Design: Renos Papastavros, Nikos Tsines
Music: Renos Papastavros
Music Publishing: Musou
Video Editing: Akis Polizos